Why Meerilinga’s Early Learning Program is the best start for your child’s education

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth | Created in collaboration with Meerilinga Children & Community Foundation 29 Oct 2022

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Meerilinga early learning runs on a balanced approach to teaching and learning.  A play-based ethos encourages children to wonder, ask questions, and explore the world around them. 

 At the heart of Meerilinga’s early learning centres is the knowledge that children who learn through play are happier and more confident. The children benefit from a holistic early childhood education approach in a rich and vibrant learning environment.  

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 This educational focus is extended to literacy, numeracy, and science. The children participate passionately in practicing sustainability in engaging, nature-based garden spaces. The centres offer a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor educational areas to support the best start to imaginative play scenarios. 

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 Celebrating culture is extremely important to Meerilinga, with staff and families coming from many different backgrounds. A strong sense of belonging has a positive impact on children and provides a sanctuary for learning – families are actively encouraged to share their cultural heritage! 

 Meerilinga programs are founded on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS). 

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Find out more about Meerilinga's Early Learning Centres below.

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Meerilinga believes in a balanced approach to teaching and learning.  Their play based ethos encourages children to wonder, ask questions and explore the world around them.

Established as a charity and not-for-profit over 100 years ago, Meerilinga has long strived to promote the rights of children in WA.

Today, they continue to flow this ethos into the early learning framework that guides each of their six Perth based early learning centres.

Playgroup 0-4 years

No child is too young for playgroup.
All children from birth to five years love new experiences and benefit from developing sensory, social and communication skills through activities at playgroup.
Playgroups vary from one session a week made up of three or more members to multiple sessions over the week.

Our playgroups coincide with the WA school term.

Bindi Kindi for children 2-3 years

This toddler program focuses on the pre-school readiness skills, socialisation, sharing and cooperation through small group play.

Our Educators focus on supporting children in their foundation skills of learning how to develop friendships and gain confidence as they interact with others.

We provide this in a play based approach, ensuring we support each child’s individuality and interests.

Pre-Kindy for children 3-5 years

Our Pre-Kindy program has a school-readiness focus, which is extended to literacy, numeracy and science.

As a result of shared thinking and active listening, we are able to discover the world around us and develop the confidence to develop strong social and communication skills.

We are passionate about practicing sustainability in engaging, nature-based garden spaces.


Find your nearest Centre


2 Community Mews, Ballajura WA 6066
P: 08 9249 6980
E: ballajura@meerilinga.org.au

106 Amazon Drive, Beechboro WA 6063
P: 08 9377 4749
E: beechboro@meerilinga.org.au

219 Winterfold Road, Coolbellup WA 6163
P: 08 9331 2211
E: cockburn@meerilinga.org.au

High Wycombe
104 Edney Road, High Wycombe WA 6057
P: 0448 025 819 or 0418 828 943
E: highwycombe@meerilinga.org.au

48 Peregrine Drive, Kingsley WA 6026
P: 08 6400 3401
E: kingsley@meerilinga.org.au

30 Chichester Drive, Woodvale WA 6026
P: 08 9309 3462
E: woodvale@meerilinga.org.au

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08 9489 4022


22 Southport Street, West Leederville WA 6008


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